Submitting Your Product Samples

Submission Directions

All products entries must:

  • have two of the same exact product sample submitted 
  • have a product label affixed to the samples (it will be photographed for the directory)
  • be properly secured within a shipping container to prevent damage (i.e. bubble wrap)
  • be labeled with the official Flavor of Georgia entry/shipping label affixed on the outer box or container 
  • have required storage requirements appropriately marked on the label - non-perishable, refrigerated or frozen [product must arrive properly cold or frozen if applicable].

Download Shipping Label

For Shipping

Ship the product* (overnight is preferable for perishable items, but check with your carrier for complete details) to be received at Gourmet Foods International (see address below) between Monday, Feb. 17 and Wednesday, Feb. 19, 2020.  Product received outside of this mandatory window will not be accepted and are ineligible for judging. It is solely the responsibility of the entrant to ensure that samples arrive during this time frame and in good condition.

*Unless your product is non-perishable, it is recommended that you should ship your product overnight. (FedEx and UPS do not have refrigerated trucks AND they don’t deliver before 6 p.m. Your cold or frozen product will spoil if it sits on a truck all day waiting to be delivered. Again, it is your responsibility to ensure the product arrives as required.)

For In-person Delivery

February 19, 2020, is the ONLY day for in-person drop off of product samples. Products may be dropped off without an appointment between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Samples should be in a secure container since it will be placed in a large warehouse environment

Samples must be shipped to or dropped off at :

Gourmet Foods International
ATTN: UGA Flavor of Georgia 
255 Ted Turner Drive SW
Atlanta, GA 30303

Driving directions to drop off products:

Head south on Ted Turner Drive SW, Turn right on Packard Street SW, Follow Packard Street, turning left along the RR tracks. Look for the green metal door with Flavor of Georgia signage. Short term parking is available near the door. Ring the bell to enter the green door; drop-off your labeled product at the glass window (marked with Flavor of Georgia signage). Questions about drop off only, call: 1-800-966-6172. Other questions should be directed to