Select the best category for your product at registration:

Baked goods — breads, cookies, cakes and pies

Barbecue sauces — excludes marinades, which compete in sauces and seasonings.

Beverages — Includes all cold and hot beverages, including smoothies and teas. Excludes alcoholic beverages.

Condiments, sauces and seasonings — includes pasta sauces, spice rubs, mixed spices, marinades, finishing sugar or spices, hot sauces, ketchups, mustards

Confections — chocolates, sweet nuts, caramels, candies, and cold confections (ice creams, gelatos, and non-dairy popsicles). Excludes mixes, which compete in miscellaneous

Dairy products — includes animal-derived milks, cheeses, butters, and yogurts. Ice creams, gelatos and frozen dairy novelties fall under Confections. Excludes plant-based products, which compete in miscellaneous

Honey and syrups — includes honeycombs, infused honey, maple syrup, etc.

Jams and jellies — excludes chutneys, which compete in condiments and salsas

Meats and seafood — includes animal-derived cooked or uncooked meats and seafood, excluding jerky, which competes in snack foods

Miscellaneous — includes mixes, single ingredient products (oils, flour, etc.), nut butters, plant-derived milk, cheeses, etc., meat alternatives and any products not represented by another category

Pickled vegetables, relish and salsas — includes pickles, relishes, chutneys, other pickled vegetables, and salsas

Snack foods — includes chips, popcorn, jerky, snack bars, cheese straws, and savory nuts


Display of Flavor of Georgia product entries

Final product categories and placement are at the discretion of contest organizers and all decisions are final.

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