Brush Creek Farm Beef Brisket

Mouthwatering, Dry-Aged, Excellent.

Savor a bite of Brush Creek Farm’s Beef Brisket as you enjoy delicious beef barbecue with your family and friends. This cut of beef can be chopped for beef barbecue or sliced for brisket sandwiches. Brush Creek Brisket is tender and flavorful, as our cattle are grass fed the entirety of their life, utilizing the nutrients from our native forages. They are grain-finished to enhance the marbling of the beef. Our beef is dry-aged for three weeks at our USDA inspected processor to enhance the tenderness of the beef, making it perfect for smoking on the grill. Our Brisket is sure to be a delightful cooking experience. Be sure to choose a Brush Creek Beef Brisket when you are looking for a delicious and wholesome meal for your friends and family.

One food that’s the perfect pairing:
Your favorite BBQ sauce