Toasted Pecan Fudge Butter

Unique, Decadent, All-Natural.

With just the right balance of cocoa and pecans, our Toasted Pecan Fudge Butter could be called “Dessert in a Jar.” Containing only five simple ingredients, it has a smooth silky texture and can be enjoyed at room temp or chilled.  At room temperature, pecan fudge butter is like a sauce and is perfect on ice cream, cheesecake, or waffles. To create its fudge-like consistency, simply stir, chill, and enjoy!  After a few hours, you will have an absolutely delicious pecan fudge butter. Once chilled, it can be spread on a bagel or enjoyed by the spoonful and will melt in your mouth.  Upon opening, this product is best kept refrigerated.

One food that’s the perfect pairing:

Ice cream

University of Georgia Flavor of Georgia Finalist