• Bold, Flavorful, Clean. Duke’s coffee-based Steak Rub is the perfect blend of gourmet coffee, kosher salt, black pepper, garlic, chili powder, dried thyme and sugar to spice up any piece of beef, from a burger, to a ribeye, to a brisket to a pork tenderloin. One food that’s the perfect pairing: Steak / beef

  • Farmhouse Pimento Cheese

    Best Spread Ever! Pimento cheese made with roasted red bell peppers, slightly savory spices and amazing cheese including Le Gruyere. One food that’s the perfect pairing: Effie’s oatcake crackers

  • Fire! Pepper Jelly

    Spicy, Sweet, Glaze. Georgia Grown peppers blended into a jar of goodness! Try mixing a tablespoon with your ketchup to heat up your hamburger. Add a few scoops to a bowl of fried or smoked wings and toss around. We recommend eating it straight out of the jar with cream cheese and crackers. Always remember…

  • Garlic Dill Chevre

    Creamy, Savory, Addictive. Our signature garlic dill goat-cheese is made with the freshest goat milk and generously seasoned with garlic and dill, then lightly salted. Georgia Grown and only four days from teat to table. One food that’s the perfect pairing: Ritz crackers

  • Savory, Spicy, Sweet. We infuse our Georgia Wildflower Honey with fresh chili peppers and fresh garlic. Typically, you get to enjoy the sweetness of the honey on the front end, and on the back end, you get to experience the garlic and heat combined. Great experience of flavors! One food that’s the perfect pairing: Pizza

  • Habeeb's Gourmet Sauces Roasted Garlic and Herb Salad Dressing

    Full of Flavor. Delicious salad dressing with amazing flavor from freshly-roasted, Georgia- grown garlic and shallots. Enhanced with fresh herbs, this salad dressing will leave you wanting more salad. One food that’s the perfect pairing: Salad

  • Lawton’s Chicken Sausage

    Savory, Flavorful, Versatile. You know people are trying to eat better these days but have difficulties finding sausage that’s not highly processed with a mystery meat mixture of pork and beef scraps. At Lawton’s Chicken Sausage, we remove that mystery by producing sausage links and patties made with Halal-certified chicken and no artificial preservatives. Which…

  • Linda’s Favorite Raw Honey

    Local, Raw, Yummy. Mr. Dick Byne started his organic blueberry farm in 1980 and when he married Mrs. Linda. Five years later, she spent her summers along-side her husband, picking and selling the fruits of their labors.  In fact, picking the berries is one of her favorite past times.  This honey comes directly from the…

  • Unique, Flavorful, Memorable. Enjoy the sister-product to last year’s winning meat product – Biltong Style Bresaola. Little Lonzina is loved by retail and wholesale customers alike for its big flavor and compact size. Cured in-house by the OG Butcher Babe, Laura Jensen, and her all-female crew, this will leave you asking how to get more!…

  • Masala Tea

    Aromatic, Flavorful, Earthy. Our Masala tea is made with aromatic spices — crushed cardamom, clove, and cinnamon — blended with premium black tea in small batches to ensure optimal flavor and freshness. This black tea blend is common in South Asia and usually described as full-bodied, robust, rich. Brew the tea blend in milk and…